Monday, May 13, 2013

Moving into John's room

I posted about my crazy living situation here. Here's a little update on how things are going. After moving out of the dorm, I moved into John's current house. We're still trying to get all the little stuff organized, but for the most part I am all moved in! When we had all the boxes and furniture piled into his room at first I was pretty doubtful that we would get it all to fit in a liveable way, but I think we did it!
It's still pretty "college boy" looking for a bedroom, but it's nice to be able to hang out in here and have a little place of my own in the house. I also love that we kept the keurig in here instead of downstairs in the kitchen! It's the best thing in the world to hop right out of bed and make coffee. I have so much art supplies and papers that we ended up having to build upwards with all of it so the corner of the room looks a little weird with the shelf and everything piled up on top of it! but it will work for the next three weeks (:
 We're still working on tidying it up a little bit more, but we're so busy this month that I'm not sure if everything will get unpacked. The best thing about the room is that you can go out the widow by the bed and get onto the roof. It's so nice to lay out in the sun up there, you feel so close to the sidewalk and busy street but no one ever looks up at you. Overall it's a nice little temporary room, I cannot wait to be able to bring everything into the new place and decorate!

I'll be posting about our busy weekend trip up to the cities soon (: stay tuned for that!


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