Monday, May 6, 2013

Current Living Situation Explained

So this post is more directed at people who know me in real life and want to get caught up on where I'm living these days, but it also explains a lot about my personal life for new readers! My living situation has gotten pretty complex over the last month or so, I wanted to clear it up in a post.

Right now, I'm sitting on a futon couch in my tiny tiny dorm room. You might be wondering, you're almost 21 and you live in a dorm room? Yes! I originally dormed during my freshman year of college (two years ago) at University of St. Thomas. Then I lived on my own in a small apartment for a few months, moved back home to my parents, and then lived in a town-house in my home town for a year.

During living in this town-house I made the huge decision to leave everything I knew and switch to a school three hours south in Winona, MN. This was such a huge change for me, it was terrifying, and new, and exciting. I could write an entire post about the process of changing my life completely by switching schools, and towns, and friends, and jobs, but I'll post that one later. (: Sticking to the topic of housing I realized I didn't know anyone in Winona so I would have to dorm again. I could have tried to find a house somewhere in town with random roommates, but dorming again didn't sound like the worst thing ever, and the work that's required in finding an off campus place to live was too much for me to think about with everything else I had to do to make the move.

my dorm room
I chose to live in a single dorm room on west campus. Winona State has two campuses, Main campus where almost all classes take place and everything you'd think of when you think of a university is, and then West campus about 7 minutes away. It's a smaller community with three housing buildings, a cafeteria, a gym and pool, and a few classrooms. I chose West campus because there was a housing building that was almost completely singles and although I absolutely love my freshman year roommate (we're still best friends) I didn't really want to room with someone this year. I'm so glad I ended up on West campus, I feel like I've made more connections and made more friends over here than I would have living on Main campus. I met my boyfriend because of the connections I made living on the west end of campus! There's a picture of the desk and wardrobe area in my tiny dorm room! It's a small space but it's perfectly livable.

the apartment
After I met John and we'd been dating for a while, we started to think about living together for the next school year. Originally the plan was that I would just move into the house that he is currently living in and we would both stay there for the next school year. Other roommates started talking about leaving, things started to fall through, we realized that this wasn't our best option. We started looking at one bedroom apartments and signed a lease on an apartment close to campus! Immediately after signing on I knew this was the place that we were meant to live!

The lease for this apartment didn't start until June 1st, and I had to be signed out of my dorm by May 10th. This caused a bit of a panic at first but we've got a plan. After Moving out of my dorm tomorrow (May 7th) I will move some of my things into John's room at his current house. I will live there with him for the rest of May, and then we will move into our apartment on June 1st.

John's current house
This temporary living situation makes me a little nervous, I'm the kind of person that likes to have all of her things together and in one place. Most of my stuff will be stored at my parents house until June, except for what I need to live for three weeks. I'm also nervous about trying to fit the things I need to live (clothes, makeup, work stuff, hair stuff, etc.) in John's room without making him feel overwhelmed. This is probably the strangest housing arrangement I have ever experienced, but I'm determined to make it work. It will all be worth it when we finally get into our new home! I will try to keep you all updated on how the next three weeks go, and of course I will be posting about the new apartment in June!


maria said...

i hope it goes well! I'm a bit the same in that I like to have all of my things together in one place. How great that you guys will get to move into your place soon, though!! Sounds like exciting times ahead.
Thanks for the comment on my blog too. So great to have new readers stop by.
Looking forward to hearing how your temporary living arrangements go :)

Brewed Together said...

Sounds sort of hectic! Good luck with everything. Only a little longer until June! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a lot going on this month Devin! I hope moving out of your current place goes well today, and I can't wait to hear about your new apartment together! How exciting, it seems like the lead up to the new apartment might make June 1st even sweeter :)

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