Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quick Post: Goodbye Dorm!

I posted about my current living situation here, I finally finished moving all of my junk out of my tiny single dorm! It looks so empty and plain now that it doesn't even feel like the same room I lived in all room. I am so so so happy to finally be done with dorming. (hopefully!) Cleaning and moving took forever to finish but I'm excited to show you what we did to John's room to make it livable for us during the next three weeks (:

The one thing I will miss about my dorm is the amazing view I had from my window. It looks out into the back yard of the building to a quite little band of trees with a stream flowing by. It looked especially pretty in the fall when all the leaves would rain down from the trees when the wind blew. An amazing view for sure, one of the perks to going to college in a small Minnesota town. Even though I'll miss seeing this little slice of nature out my window everyday I'm excited to see the new views from my apartment windows in June! (:


DwnInLndn said...

Just found your blog, I adore it! I'm in college too so I can totally relate about the ugliness of an empty dorm room.
All the best, enjoy your summer - Can't wait to follow!


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