Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Last Ten Days (part one)

Hey! I haven't been able to post in a while because my life has been crazy busy! After finals were over and I was all moved into John's room, we took a trip to the twin cities for the weekend to see a concert and hang out with some friends. We came back to Winona for a few days and then went up to the cities again to celebrate John's 21st birthday, his sister's graduation, and my 21st birthday all rolled into one weekend!

On our first drive up to Minneapolis we made a few pit stops along the way in Red Wing and by Lake Pepin to explore and take some pictures. We are so used to just zooming through these places to get back to our home towns quick, it was so nice to take it slow and look around. If you live in Minnesota and have never been through Red Wing, Lake Pepin, or Winona I definitely recommend visiting or driving through. The bluffs and river are beautiful, I feel like I'm on a mini vacation every time I take the time to actually look around instead of getting stuck focusing on all the stressful things going on right now.

When we got to the city we spent some times with friends and went to a
Metz concert at the whole. It's a small venue in the University of Minnesota student center, it was cool to see a band that close up. Every concert I've been to before has been in a bigger venue like Excel Center or Target Center. Metz is a band that John really likes, but I had not really heard of them before. They were good and played a fun show! Being in that small of a venue made me super excited for June when I get to see Fall Out Boy (my guilty pleasure, one of my favorites from high school playing a reunion tour!) at Myth, another fairly small venue. Seeing them at the bigger arenas was good, but being that close to them will be amazing!

We came back to Winona for a few days, we are both in between jobs so we need to stay around Winona as much as possible in case of more interviews, hiring, orientations, etc. It wasn't the best to come back (a three hour drive one way!) to only be in town for three days, but John got some really exciting news! He has an interview with Plasticomp a big company in his field, composite materials engineering.The interview will be on Wednesday this week, it's an amazing opportunity for him because he would be getting his foot in the door, gaining experience in his major, and making a lot more than $7.50 and hour! I'll be sure to let you guys know how that goes! We also had some down time to go to the beach and go fishing, I caught my first fish ever! Being a Minnesotan you'd think I'd have been fishing my whole life but this was the second time I've been out and the first time I caught my own fish! We threw it back in of course (:

Part two will include John's sister's graduation, John's 21st, my 21st, and more about the last weekend!


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