Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Last Ten Days (part two)

I left off right after our first weekend in the cities and fishing back in Winona. We drove up to the twin cities again last weekend to celebrate John's sister's graduation, his 21st birthday, and my 21st birthday. The drive up seemed way longer this time, since we'd already made it twice! It was a three hour drive total with a few stops for gas and food. We spent Wednesday night at my parents house in Elk River, it was a pretty lazy night, we just caught a new episode of Criminal Minds (another guilty pleasure of mine!) and read some library books before bed.

Thursday we went to John's sisters graduation. She graduated from the University of Minnesota so it was a pretty big (and long!) ceremony. It was interesting and inspiring to see other young people graduating. It reminded me of what I'm striving for right now, it's easy to get caught up in current classes, people, events, etc and forget about what the final outcome of all this school is. She doesn't have a job lined up already, but already has a few interviews coming up! I'm excited for my graduation, and the career I have ahead of me after that. I probably won't be there for another two or three years, but it's good to see that it can be done! We also got to spend a little bit of extra time with John's family. We've only been dating six months now so I am still trying to get to know everyone. I've finally started to feel like I'm becoming a little bit more of a part of his family each time we can go visit though!

Friday was John's 21st birthday! We went out with his family to a super fancy steakhouse in Minneapolis called Murray's to celebrate his birthday and his sister's graduation. I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking to celebrate something big! The food was amazing! It's pretty pricey though so I'm not sure If I'll be able to afford to go there again, but oh my gosh yum! John went to a few bars to celebrate turning 21 with his family, but since I wasn't 21 (until sunday) I couldn't go with him. He had a great time with his sister's and their boyfriends though! I went home to Elk River again for the night to see my family for a bit and figure out mores stuff about moving my furniture 148 miles down to Winona. A very frustrating process by the way!

Saturday was another pretty lazy day. We went around to a couple art a whirl events around north east Minneapolis. We got to ride bikes around, which is something we can't do in Winona because we don't have our own bikes yet, so that was very very nice! Biking in nice weather is something both John and I enjoy, we are hoping to get some of our own bikes after move in. On Sunday (my birthday finally!) I spent the day with a couple girl friends from high school walking around town catching up and then getting ready for my party! We went out to Chino Latinos with a big group and it was amazing! This is another Minneapolis restaurant I strongly recommend, less expensive than Murray's too! A smaller group of us went out to a couple bars around dinky town to celebrate afterwards. I'll be making another separate post about my birthday too so stay tuned for that!

Hopefully these last two posts have caught everyone up on my crazy busy life!


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